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Add-on Installation Failed


SAP Business One


When installing the add-on inside SAP Business One, the following error occurs:

"Add-on installation failed because another version is already installed"


This issue occurs when the server name registered in the "AddOnsLocalRegistration.sbo" file does not match the server name that holds the customer's database and there is a new add-on version available in the SARI table of the Common DB.


There are two or more files in the local client directory that store information about the add-ons. These files are: "AddOnsLocalRegistration.sbo" and "AddOnsInstall.sbo".

They are XML based and can be opened using "Notepad" or any other text editor. Before changing those files, make a copy of them. Open the "AddOnsLocalRegistration.sbo" and "AddOnsInstall.sbo" files and if you see the Sana Commerce add-on in the list, remove it. Save your changes. Open SAP Business One and try to install the Sana Commerce add-on again.

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