Sana Commerce 9.2
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Subscribers and Customer Data

When connection between Sana and MailChimp is established you can easily import customer accounts and data as well as customer's sales statistics from your ERP system directly to MailChimp. Customers are imported to MailChimp based on the filter expressions set in the assigned customer segment. A customer segment can be created based on the:

  • Customer data from ERP
  • Customer sales statistics from ERP
  • Customer shop accounts from Sana Admin
  • Basket (for example, customers with open cart items) from the Sana database

If Sana does not support sales statistics for your ERP system, you can still use MailChimp. If sales statistics is not supported, you will not be able to use this data in customer segments and import it to MailChimp.

Those customers which satisfy the selected criteria in the assigned customer segment will be imported to MailChimp. Together with customers you can also import customer data and sales statistics from your ERP system directly to MailChimp based on the selected segmentation fields.

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