Sana Commerce 9.2
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Set up Buckaroo Account


When the Buckaroo payment provider is installed, it should be configured in the Buckaroo backoffice system and in Sana Admin. To configure the Buckaroo payment provider and payment methods you should have the Buckaroo account with all the necessary data.

Step 1: Log in to Buckaroo Payment Plaza and click: Configuration > Security > Certificates > Actions > Generate certificate. Generate a certificate signed by Buckaroo.

Select the following values to generate the certificate:

Field Value
Export key as Select "PFX".
Purpose Select "General".
Active Select the "Active" checkbox.


Make sure to store the generated certificate in a secure location, because it is not possible to re-download it. You will also need to enter the name of the generated certificate in the Buckaroo configuration section in Sana Admin. Send the generated certificate to your Sana partner or Sana project manager who is implementing the Buckaroo payment add-on for you, because it should be also uploaded to the "bin" folder of the Sana Commerce Frontend.

Step 2: Copy the downloaded certificate to the "bin" folder of the Sana Commerce Frontend (Sana.Commerce.Startersite, if you use Sana Commerce SDK).

Step 3: In the Buckaroo Payment Plaza, click: My Buckaroo > Websites. Select your web store.

Step 4: Configure the Push settings just like on the screenshot below.

Step 5: On the 3.0 Settings tab configure the following settings:

Settings Description
Send an email notification when a transaction completes Select this option and enter the email address below to send emails to the merchant once the payment is successfully completed.

Step 6: Click: My Buckaroo > Subscriptions. On the Subscriptions page, you can see all payment method subscriptions that are part of your Buckaroo account. You can get a subscription for any payment methods which are listed in the Payment methods section.


Some payment methods may require extra configuration in the Buckaroo backoffice system. For more information, see the Buckaroo Support website.