Payment ServicesDocdata (Old API)

Docdata (Old API)

Sana Commerce 9.2
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Set up Docdata Account

To configure the Docdata payment provider and payment methods you should have the Docdata test/live account with all the necessary data.

Log in the Docdata admin panel and configure or verify payment profiles. To access the payment profiles in the Docdata admin panel click: Settings > Edit Payment profiles. Each payment method must be configured under a separate profile. You can find the configured profiles in the following place in the Docdata admin panel (marked by the red box).

Configuring Payment Methods in the Docdata Admin Panel

The configured in the Docdata admin panel payment methods with the related payment profiles will be needed to set up the payment methods in Sana Admin.

Configure the correct URLs in the Docdata backoffice under: Settings > View/Edit merchant profile > URL.

Configuring URL Settings

Configure URLs in the following way:

Name Value
Return URL success http://<domain>/checkout/ordersubmit?id=
Return URL canceled http://<domain>/checkout/orderfailed?id=
Return URL error http://<domain>/checkout/orderfailed?id=
Return URL pending http://<domain>/checkout/ordersubmit?id=
Update URL http://<domain>/confirm/payment?id=
Payment ServicesDocdata (Old API)