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PayFabric payment acceptance engine is available as an add-on. Only registered Sana partners can download it from our Sana Community. If you are a customer and you want to use this add-on, please contact your Sana partner or Sana project manager.

PayFabric is a cloud-based payment acceptance engine and storage hub that makes it easy to accept and manage online payments in your web store.

PayFabric is not a payment gateway itself. It connects to different payment services and facilitates transaction processing through the selected payment gateway. PayFabric supports a growing list of payment gateways, including PayPal Payflow Pro, First Data, WorldPay, CyberSource, USAePay, Chase Paymentech, Authorize.Net, Payfuse, and Moneris. It holds full acquiring licenses for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and JCB Pay schemes. PayFabric is available for merchants in the United States and can accept international payment cards and multiple currencies.

When purchasing PayFabric test/live account, it is required to purchase an account from one of the PayFabric supported payment gateways. You must purchase the PayFabric test/live account of Version 3.

PayFabric allows customers to pay their orders through the PayFabric payment system directly in a web store, without redirecting a customer to the PayFabric payment page. When using one step checkout, creating an order as a guest without registration, or paying an open invoice, a customer will be redirected to the PayFabric payment page.

Regular checkout process

In a regular checkout process, when a customer pays an order through PayFabric, the additional checkout step, called Select Credit Card, will be shown in a Sana web store.

A customer can add, update, and remove his or her credit cards to use them also for later purchases and not to enter the credit card number every time.

Online invoice payments / guest checkout

When a customer creates an order as a guest, without registration, or pays an open invoice through PayFabric, a customer will be redirected to the PayFabric payment page where he or she needs to complete the payment.

Payment ServicesPayFabric