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When the Sage Pay payment provider is installed, it should be configured in the My Sage Pay portal and in Sana Admin. To configure the Sage Pay payment provider and payment methods you should have the Sage Pay account with all the necessary data.


AVS - Address Verification Service

AVS allows you to use the address and postcode numerical values to verify that the card used for the transaction is registered to the address details that have been provided. When a transaction is processed through Sage Pay, both a billing address and postcode value are passed through from your website to Sage Pay. This information is used, and passed through to card issuing bank to be verified. The card issuing bank will only check the numerical values that have been provided with the transaction, the bank will not check any other characters provided in the address. Sage Pay will not pass any other characters aside from numbers for the address details in the authorization request. AVS checks are available for all UK issued credit and debit cards. The checks are not carried out for overseas transactions.

CV2 - Card Verification Value

The CV2 check allows you to use the additional 3 or 4-digit security key that is usually found on the signature strip on the reverse of the card. American Express cards have a 4-digit security key that is located on the front of the card just above the card number. The CV2 value can be checked on all cards that have been issued within the EU along with the majority of internationally issued cards. These details are used to verify with the card issuing bank that the 3 or 4-digit security code that is supplied matches the card details that have been entered for the transaction.

3D Secure

3D Secure is an online version of password protection that is only available on e-commerce transactions. When a shopper processes a transaction through an account with 3D Secure active, they are required to enter their password to validate the details against the card they are using for the transaction.

For more information, see "Sage Pay Fraud Prevention Guide".

Step 1: Log in to the My Sage Pay portal.

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Step 2: Click: Settings > AVS/CV2. Select your web store and set up AVS/CV2 Administration.

Step 3: On the 3D Secure page set up 3D Secure settings.

Step 4: On the Pay Methods page you can see all payment method subscriptions that are a part of your Sage Pay account.