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Newsletter Subscriptions

Newsletter subscription is a great way to establish relationship with your customers. You can use newsletters to keep your customers updated about some special events and other web store news.

When newsletter subscriptions are enabled in Sana, the newsletter signup box is shown at the bottom of the Sana web store. Registered customers or web store visitors can enter an e-mail to subscribe to your web store newsletter.

Registered customers can unsubscribe by clicking on the link on the "My account" page.

There is also the "Unsubscribe" system page in Sana Admin which you can link to the navigation item.

Web store visitors who are not registered in the web store, but subscribed to the newsletter, will be able to unsubscribe only using this system page. Thus, if you are using newsletter subscriptions, it's better to create a navigation item and link the "Unsubscribe" system page to it.

Enable newsletter subscriptions

To enable newsletter subscriptions, in Sana Admin click: Setup > Marketing > Promotions.

View and export newsletter subscriptions

When a user subscribes to the newsletter, his or her e-mail will be saved to Sana.

To view newsletter subscriptions, in Sana Admin click: Customers > Newsletter subscriptions.

On the "Newsletter subscriptions" page you can see the list of all subscribed users. If the Active checkbox is selected, this means that the user is subscribed to receive newsletters. If it is not selected, this means that the user has unsubscribed.

You can search for a specific newsletter subscription by e-mail or filter all newsletter subscriptions by the Active status (Yes or No). All newsletter subscriptions can be also sorted by e-mail or by the Active status.

To import the newsletter subscriptions to a mass mailing tool, you can export all newsletter subscriptions from Sana to the CSV file. It stores the e-mail addresses of the subscribers, web store name and whether a customer is subscribed or unsubscribed. To export all newsletter subscriptions to the CSV file, click Export.

In addition to the standard Sana feature which adds a newsletter signup box to the footer of the Sana web store, Sana also provides the "Newsletter" add-on which can be used to add a newsletter signup box to a web page. For more information, see "Newsletter".

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