Your webstore design starts with your theme. Themes of the Sana Commerce webstore control all aspects of the webstore appearance.

The theme editor lets you customize your webstore logo, favicon, fonts, color and size of the texts. You can also change the color of the graphical elements in the webstore. Using the theme editor you can determine the overall look and feel of your webstore without any knowledge in HTML or CSS.

To create new themes and to manage your webstore design in Sana Admin click: Setup > Design.

Under the Themes tab you can create webstore themes. If you have a multi-store solution the list of themes is shared with all available webstores.

Any of the themes can be applied to your webstore by making it Active.

In Sana Admin you can download and import themes. A theme is stored in the XML file. A webstore theme can be added to the design pack, so it will be a part of the custom webstore design. For more information see, 'Design Packs'.