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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Requirements to the CSV File

You can add the following catalog data to the CSV file: product IDs, quantity, units of measure, product variant IDs.

The header of the CSV file (the first line) should be in the following format:

Example: ProductId,Quantity,UnitOfMeasureId,VariantId

All fields are required and should be exactly in the same order as shown in the example. If there is no need to specify some product data, for example a product variant, you can leave it empty.

See an example of data in the CSV file with coma (,) used as a separator:

For units of measure and product variants you should use UOM and product variant IDs from the ERP system. For more detailed information about unit of measure IDs, see the previous article.


Do not use decimal numbers for product quantity in the CSV file as they are not supported by the Shopping Cart Upload add-on.

When a customer imports the products to the shopping cart, he or she should select the separator from the list which is used in the CSV file. If a separator selected on a page does not match the one in the CSV file, a customer will see the error. The following separators are supported: tab, comma, semicolon, line and caret.

Content ElementsShopping Cart Upload