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Set up Google APIs

Sana uses Google Maps JavaScript API and Geocoding API to show stores on the Google Maps to the web store visitors. To use the "Store Locator" add-on, you must first get an API key. You will need to enter this API key in the settings of the "Store Locator" content element.

Before importing store locations to Sana, make sure that Google Maps JavaScript API and Geocoding API are enabled and there are no application and API restrictions for the Google API key.

Check if Google APIs are enabled

Step 1: Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console and select your project.

Step 2: Go to the API Library. Find the Maps JavaScript API and open it.

Step 3: Check if the Maps JavaScript API is enabled. Enable it, in case it is disabled.

Step 4: In the API Library, find the Geocoding API and open it.

Step 5: Check if the Geocoding API is enabled. Enable it, in case it is disabled.

Check Google API Key restrictions

Application restrictions

API restrictions

When store locations are imported to Sana, you can enable "HTTP referrers (web sites)" application restriction to prevent unauthorized use and enter your web store domain.

An API key is unrestricted by default. Unrestricted keys are insecure because they can be viewed publicly, such as from within a browser.

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