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You should consider different aspects, when adding a video to a web page, like the size of the video, its quality and internet connection.

The way a video is going to be played for your customers is highly dependent on the quality of their network connection.

For example a customer can experience some difficulties with the video, in case there is something wrong with the speed of the internet or network bandwidth.

If you use videos uploaded to the file storage, that file storage service must support video streaming and it should be possible to generate the URL for the .mp4 video file. The alternative solution is to upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo.


When translating the page that contains the "Video" content element to another language, the default settings of the "Video" content element will be used for other languages. The header text, subheader text and button text can be translated to other languages. You can also change the color of the header text, subheader text and button text and change the position of these elements on the video for other languages.