Delivery ServicesnShift (Formerly Consignor)

nShift (Formerly Consignor)

Sana Commerce 9.3
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Get the nShift Product ID and Service ID

When a customer becomes the nShift Integrator, then he or she can get Product ID and Service ID. They are configured to the relevant Actor ID.

Step 1: Open the nShift (Consignor) test bench.

Step 2: Enter the Server URL.
Test Server URL:

Step 3: Enter the key. Test Key: sample.

Step 4: Enter the actor. Test actor Id: 63.

Step 5: Select Type. There are two types: one for the production environment and another for the test environment. Then click on the Load Actor button.

Step 6: Open the Command drop-down list and select the "GetProducts" option. Then click on the Submit Request button.
In the JSON Response (From Server) you will get all available Products and Service details.

Delivery ServicesnShift (Formerly Consignor)