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To be able to use UPS shipping services you should also take into account the following:

  • Connection to the UPS test environment does not return the customer specific rates in the shipping cost responds. When you send a Web service request to the test environment, it returns the published rate less than 1%, so the developer can see that the negotiated rate tag is effective. The actual negotiated shipping rates are returned only when you are connected to the UPS production environment.
  • Physical dimensions should be set up for the products in your ERP system and should not exceed the following values:
    • Packages can be up to 150 lbs (70 kg).
    • Packages can be up to 165 inches (419 cm) in length and girth combined.
    • Packages can be up to 108 inches (270 cm) in length.

         For more information, see "UPS Weight and Size".

  • UPS shipping provider adds an extra inch to each side of a product. This is a recommendation from UPS and it is necessary to wrap a product and prevent it from damaging during delivery.
    For example, there is a product with the following dimensions:
    • Width = 8 inches
    • Length = 8 inches
    • Height = 16 inches
    Assume that there are 8 products which should be packed into one package. Each product has the dimensions mentioned above. Since an extra inch is added to each side of a product, as a result the bigger package will be used to store all 8 products. Check the scheme below.

  • UPS service should be available for the shipping origin and destination.
  • If you are using the UPS shipping calculator to check the available shipping services and costs, they can differ from what you see in the Sana web store. This might happen if the shipping origin and destination in the UPS shipping calculator are not the same as those coming from Sana. See the example below.

  • Field UPS shipping calculator Sana
    Origin Postal Code NE032 NE32EF
    Destination City KOWLOON CITY KOWLOON

    In order to see the same shipping services and costs in Sana as in the UPS shipping calculator, the addresses must be the same.

  • Customer's currency should be the same as the UPS return rates currency. The shipping costs calculated by UPS are returned to Sana in the currency based on the merchant's shipping origin. See the list of currencies supported by UPS.