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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Additional Information

  1. The Claudine design pack does not support online customer registration. Therefore, web store visitors cannot create an account from the "Login" page.
  2. The Claudine design pack does not support guest checkout, because its design is optimized for a B2B scenario and ordering without registration is a B2C feature.
  3. The Claudine design pack does not support adding content elements to the "Login" page.
  4. We do not recommend to use the Claudine theme or store layout with other design packs.
  5. The Claudine design pack adds the background image to the Login and Home pages of a web store. If necessary, you can change it. To change the background image, in Sana Admin click: Tools > File manager. In the File manager, go to: images > Claudine. In the Claudine folder the background image "bg_home" is stored, and you can replace it.

    The image file name should be the same as the original one "bg_home". Background image dimensions should be at least 1920 x 1267 pixels to fit the full screen resolution in a good way.

Design PacksClaudine