Sana Commerce 9.3
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Install Lite Design Pack

You can install the Lite design pack using Sana Apps in Sana Admin.

Step 1: Log in to Sana Admin and click: Apps > Design packs > Design packs.

Step 2: Find the Lite design pack and click Install.

Step 3: There is a demo home page for the Lite design pack. You can add it to your web store to gain the first impression of the Lite design. This is optional.

The demo home page can be added by executing the "Lite Design Pack Homepage Script" SQL script on your Sana database. The script can be downloaded on the Sana Community web site. Only registered Sana partners can download it.

The demo home page for the Lite design pack uses the "Image Slider" and "Product Set Filter" content elements. Thus, if you want to add the demo home page after design pack installation to see how it looks, you should also install the "Image Slider" and "Product Set Filter" add-ons using Sana Apps. If they are not installed, the demo home page will not work.