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Use Multicurrency in Google Analytics

 Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution. For more information on how to work with Google Analytics please follow this link.
Currently there is no standard solution available in Google Analytics to support multiple currency. To solve this problem custom segments should be created for each currency. These segments should be applied to your e-commerce transactions to show only transactions for one specific currency. There is also no parameter in the tracking code to display currency. In fact, the e-commerce tracking code only accepts integers (numbers) and will fail if you try to include a currency code in your transaction, so the solution is to use the different field to track which currency was used (in case of Sana Commerce it is 'Affiliation'), and use that field in the solution.
In order to implement this solution:

Step 1: Check if your website profile in Google Analytics is set as an e-commerce site and has the default currency specified (in our example it is US dollar):

  • Locate the profile on the website profile overview page and click 'Edit' in the 'Actions' column.
  • Click 'Edit' in the upper-right corner of the 'Main Website Profile Information' table.
  • Specify the currency in the 'Currency displayed as:' drop-down list ('US Dollar (USD$)) and select 'Yes, an E-Commerce Site' for the 'E-Commerce Website' option:

    Configuring the Website Profile

Step 2: Create an advanced segment for displaying the selected currency and apply it to the profile:

  • Click 'Advanced Segments' on the website profile overview page.
  • Click 'Create New Custom Segment' in the upper-right corner of the 'Manage Advanced Segments' table.
  • Give the name to the segment (for example, 'US Dollar'), drag and drop 'Affiliation' dimension from 'E-Commerce' dimensions block to the dotted rectangle.
  • Select 'Matches regular expression' from condition drop-down list and set the affiliate name pattern as value. In our case it is '[0-9A-Za-z ]+USD$'. This pattern corresponds with shop name and currency ID which are separated by 'space':

    Creating a Custom Segment

  • Choose your website profiles from the 'Visible in:' drop-down list:

    Selecting a Website Profile

  • Click 'Save Changes'.

Step 3: Create the additional profile to the already existing website profile using the '+ Add new profile' option:

Adding a New Profile

Step 4: Set the new profile as an e-commerce site and specify the currency, for example, Euro (EUR ).

Step 5: Create the new custom segment that will be the same as the earlier one except the filter pattern. In case of Euro it should be '[0-9A-Za-z ]+EUR$'.


To see the prices in different currencies:

Step 1: Open a website profile (for example, with 'USD' currency specified).

Step 2: Click the 'Advanced Segments' button.

Step 3: Clear the 'All visits' check box in 'Default Segments' and select 'USD segment' in 'Customised Segments':

Setting the Custom Segment

Step 4: Click 'Apply'.

Here is the result of the described solution:

Different Currencies are Displayed in the E-Commerce Report