InstallationInstall Sana Webstore on Web and Database Server

Install Sana Webstore on Web and Database Server

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Request Sana License

The Sana Commerce license is required to be able to work with the Sana Commerce framework. The Sana license checks the type of implementation, the domain name(s) that are used to access the webstore and whether you are using add-ons. When you implement more than one webstore you can request one license for all webstores, but you will need to specify how many webstores will use this license.

It is recommended to request the Sana license before you start implementing Sana Commerce. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the results of your implementation work until the license has been granted. You can request a license file for Sana Commerce on the Sana Community website. Only registered Sana partners can request a Sana license.


If you don't have a valid Sana license for your webstore domain, you will not be available to access Sana Apps.

If you install Sana on the test environment using a "localhost" domain or some other local domain, for example "*.webstore.local", or you use Sana Commerce SDK to customize the Sana project, you will still need the Sana license for the local domain to access Sana Apps. Please, contact Sana Support to generate the Sana license to be able to access Sana Apps.

When you request the Sana license on the Sana Community the following information is requested:

  • Project name.
    It is also recommended to specify the state of the project (live, beta or test) next to its name.
    For example: Demo Project Beta
  • Sana Commerce version that you request the license for. The license version should match the version of your Sana Commerce solution. For example, if you have Sana Commerce 9.3, you should request a license for 9.3 version, but not for 9.2 or any other version.
  • Sana Commerce edition: Standard or Enterprise.
    For more information about Sana Enterprise, see "Sana Commerce Hosting".
  • Expiration date which allows partners to generate a license for a trial period. When the trial period expires the customer will see a warning that the license is expired and will not be able to enter Sana Admin anymore but the webstore will be still available.
  • ERP system: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Business One, Other ERP.
    By default Sana Commerce is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA and SAP Business One. Sana Commerce can be also integrated with any other ERP system, but this will require development on the ERP side.
  • Add-ons: Fashion, LS Retail, AX for Retail, Perfion, Webservice.
    The Webservice add-on must be added to the license for the Sana Commerce Mobile application which enables the Sana Commerce Webservices API.
  • Amount of webstores that will be used with this license.
  • Amount of mobile devices that will be used with this license. The "Amount of mobile devices" option, where a number of devices can be selected, indicates how many mobile devices are allowed to connect to the Sana Commerce framework. If you select the "Webservice add-on" the amount of mobile devices should be at least 1.

  •  NOTE

    We stopped developing and selling the Sana mobile application. There will be no new versions of the Sana mobile app. Our current customers can continue using the mobile app.

  • Amount of servers Sana Commerce will be hosted on:
    • Sana Standard edition: maximum 2 servers
    • Sana Enterprise edition: unlimited number of servers
  • Webstore domains for which the license is generated. The domain names should be specified without the protocol at the beginning.

    See an example:

Only after the request has been approved a file with the "*.license" extension can be downloaded from Sana Commerce Community. When you install Sana Commerce on beta or live environment you need to select the received license file in the Sana Commerce Installer.

When you plan to extend your Sana Commerce project or use the new webstore domain names, you need to request a new license file. The new license file should also be put to the "bin" folder of the Sana Commerce frontend directory on your production server. If the newly received license file has the same name as the "old" file that is already stored in the "bin" folder, you must change it. You can give any name to the "license" file, but be sure not to change its extension. When several license files are stored in the "bin" folder, all information, which is stored in these files, is combined.

InstallationInstall Sana Webstore on Web and Database Server