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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Purpose of the Sana Commerce Solution

Sana Commerce is the e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics that helps wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to grow online. It is available for any type of a webshop, both B2B sales portals and B2C retail store fronts. Sana is 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Being installed inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, all existing data and business logic already configured is used to power the Sana webshop.

By using the business logic from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, existing pricing, any trade agreements, tier pricing, current and projected inventory, different currencies, units of measure or bill of materials, for example, are all supported and reused by Sana to power the webshop. All prices are calculated within Microsoft Dynamics NAV real time, including any extra charges, discounts or taxes.

Customers can also access their accounts online using the Sana webshop for a complete overview of their order history, including invoices and shipments, and to track their orders.

Sana Commerce leverages your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system instead of recreating its data and business logic. Microsoft Dynamics NAV acts as the single source of truth, and your webshop provides accurate and up-to-date information.

This unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration and communication between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Sana Commerce gives customers the new way to do business.

This information can be further enriched with personalized marketing content using the webshop native content management system.

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