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Default Segments

In this article you can read about the default segments created by Sana in MailChimp.

When you run the "MailChimp" task and if the option "Create default segments/templates" is enabled in the task settings, three segments each containing two default fields will be created in MailChimp:

  • Customers with open cart items:
    • Customer who added items to the shopping cart, but didn't proceed to checkout
    • Customers logged in within last two months
  • High revenue customers:
    • Customers with revenue greater than 100000
    • Customers logged in within last two months
  • Inactive customers:
    • Customers with number of orders greater than 0
    • Customers not logged in within last forty days
Sana field  Merge field tags in MailChimp  Description 
Sana_Last Login LASTLOG | MERGE9  Last login date of a customer (inactive customers).
Sana_Revenue to date REVDATE | MERGE10  High revenue customers.
Sana_Order count to date  ORDDATE| MERGE11  Number of orders created by a customer.
Sana_Abandoned cart item 1 url  ABCART1URL | MERGE12  Customers with products in the shopping cart (not finished orders).

If you create the default segments, the above-mentioned fields are mandatory. We recommend not to change or remove those fields in MailChimp, so there is not conflict when you run the "MailChimp" task next time.

You can still remove or change the fields created by Sana in MailChimp with the default segments, but you should follow one of the scenarios described below.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3