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e-Con Product Configurator

Sana Commerce 9.3
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  1. e-Con can only add one single product to the basket. Our standard integration does not support that multiple products are added in scope of one single configuration.

  2. Customers can configure the products using the e-Con Product Configurator, only if you use the Default order processing strategy.

    Product configuration is not supported, if you use the Optimize for large orders or Optimize for fast ordering order processing strategy. The Configure button on the product details page will be disabled and your customers will see a message informing that product configuration is not available for technical reasons. Your customers will not be able to purchase configurable products as well.

  3. Customers cannot add configurable products to the wish list.

  4. If your Sana web store is in the maintenance mode (there is no connection between Sana and ERP), it is not possible to configure the products and purchase the configurable products.
Other Add-onse-Con Product Configurator