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Set Up Amazon Pay Account


To set up Amazon Pay in Sana, you must have the Amazon Pay test / live account with all the necessary data.

There are a few prerequisites that you must complete before integrating with Amazon Pay:

Step 1: Create the Amazon Pay business account.


When you create the Amazon Pay account, you must select the region you are selling in. Otherwise, it might lead to the incorrect work of the add-on.

When the account is created, you must receive a letter to the e-mail address you entered. Use this letter to complete the registration.

Step 2: When you complete the registration, the Seller Central "Create account" page will open. Fill in the data to create the Amazon Seller Central account.

Then, you will be asked to verify your e-mail address, by entering the One Time Password (OTP) in the form. The OTP password is sent to the e-mail you provided.

Step 3: When the e-mail is verified, you will be redirected to the "Merchant registration" page. On this page, enter the information about your business.

Step 4: Now, you can sign in to Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon Pay Sign In Button

To allow your customers to sign in with their Amazon account to pay the orders in the Sana web store, you must add your web store origin in Amazon Seller Central.

Step 1: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central.

Step 2: In the upper right corner select Login with Amazon.

Step 3: On the left, select your Sana application and edit Web Settings.

Step 4: In the Allowed JavaScript Origins field, enter your web store domain with the protocol and save.

Add Merchant URL to Receive Notifications

You must add Merchant URL to receive instant notifications from Amazon Pay when payments are processed. This is required to update payment statuses in Sana when orders are placed from the web store and payed through Amazon Pay. If you don't enter the Merchant URL, all payment statuses will be In progress and will not be updated in Sana.

Step 1: Sign in to Amazon Seller Central.

Step 2: Click: Settings > Integration Settings.

Step 3: Find Instant Notification Settings and click Edit.

Step 4: Enter Merchant URL. It should be in the following format:
https://[your web store domain]/confirm/payment/AmazonPay

Step 5: Click Update.

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