Sana MobileMobile App Getting Started

Mobile App Getting Started

Sana Commerce 9.3
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Launch the App

When the Sana Mobile app has been downloaded and installed on your device, tap the app icon to launch the app.

First launch requires internet connection to download data sources and synchronize all data with your ERP system.

You will see the red splash screen with the Configuration  button at the top right corner. Tap that button to open the Configuration window:

When you launch the Sana Mobile app for the first time the default domain is predefined which connects the app to the Sana demo shop.


Because Apple will require HTTPS connection for iOS apps by the end of 2016, connection to your web shop the Sana Mobile app connects to should be secure. If you use the Sana Mobile app, it is required to configure secure data exchange for the web shop. Therefore, enter web shop domain with the HTTPS protocol at the beginning. Example: For more information about how to set up secure connection for your web shop, see 'HTTPS'.

The Sana Web service should also work over HTTPS. For more information, see the last step of the Sana mobile app installation manual.

Your shop administrator should have provided you the domain of the web shop to configure. If not, please contact your shop administrator. Once you have entered the domain, the app will automatically connect to it each time when you launch the app. If you need to change the domain to connect to some other environment, tap the Configuration  button at application startup as described earlier.

When you have entered the domain of your web shop to connect to it, the data sources will be downloaded. Wait until data sources are downloaded.

When data sources have been downloaded log in with your sales agent's credentials. The sales agent's account should be provided by your shop administrator. If not, please contact your shop administrator.

If you are connected to the Sana demo shop, the credentials to enter the Sana demo environment will be prefilled:

Sana MobileMobile App Getting Started