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Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews allow customers to easily submit reviews of the products in the webstore. Product reviews are comments submitted by customers or webstore visitors directly on the product page.

Sana Admin user can manage product reviews using the built-in system.

Enable ratings & reviews

To enable ratings & reviews in Sana Admin click: Setup > Marketing > Social features.

Manage product reviews

Only approved ratings and reviews are shown in the webstore.

To manage ratings and reviews in Sana Admin click: Customers > Ratings & Reviews.

From here you can approve or disapprove ratings and reviews and edit the content.

In the webstore the users can see the average rating of a product and the approved reviews on the product page. A webstore visitor can see and write a product review even without registration. The average rating which is shown on the product page in the webstore is rounded up to the half of the star.

In Sana Admin on the Ratings & Reviews page you can see the list of all product reviews written by the webstore visitors. You can search for a specific product review by the item number, product title date or filter all product reviews by status (Approved, Disapproved or Unprocessed). All product reviews can be also sorted by the item number, product title, date, status or review title.

To approve or disapprove any product review click Edit. You can check the product review, edit its title and description and set its status to Approved or Disapproved. When a webstore visitor writes a product review, it is stored in Sana Admin with the Unprocessed status. Only when the product review status is set to Approved it will appear in the webstore on the product page.

Sana User GuideCustomers