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Sales agent can open the basket from the application bar where it is also shown the number of items in the shopping cart:


Remember that to be able to place an order sales agent should represent a customer. For information about how to represent a customer, see "Represent Customer".

Sales agents can add products to the basket directly from it using one of the modes:

Basket mode Description
Scan mode In this mode sales agents can use the barcode scanner to add the products to the basket. By scanning the barcode the product is automatically added to the basket.

To be able to use the scan mode, barcodes should be set for the items in your ERP system and the Bar Code field should be added to the search index in Sana Admin: Setup > ERP integration > Index fields.

Browse catalog In this mode sales agents can use the search field to search for a product by item number, title or barcode and add it to the basket. Simply start typing in the search field to filter the products.

To be able to search the products by different fields, these fields should be added to the search index in Sana Admin: Setup > ERP integration > Index fields.

The items in the basket can be sorted by item number, title, quantity, discount and subtotal.

In the basket you can change the quantity of a product, as well as delete the product from the basket  or open the product details page  of the selected product. To delete the product from the basket or open its product details page tap the product and you will see the icons.

Basket details contain the information about the number of items in the basket, shipping cost, invoice discount, total VAT/TAX and total amount including and excluding VAT/TAX. Sales taxes are calculated based on the shipping address of the represented customer. To see basket details you need to recalculate the basket; till then the basket details will be empty. The basket can be recalculated only if sales agent represents a customer and your device is connected to the internet. In case if you do not have an internet connection you can still place an order and it will be stored locally on your device. Once your device is connected to the internet, the orders can be synchronized, automatically recalculated and sent to the ERP system.

The sales agent can also save order templates and then load anytime. The stored order templates do not have a reference to the represented customer. Thus the sales agent can view all saved order templates and load regardless of the represented customer. Note that if you log out all stored order templates will be removed.

Sana User GuideSana Mobile App