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Sana Commerce 9.3
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Authorization Reminders

Use the Authorization reminders scheduled task to send the reminders by e-mail to the account managers and sub-accounts who have orders that need to be authorized.

Ordering process is critically important for most businesses and for some the order approval workflow is essential. It is used to enforce the business rules of a company to ensure that all orders are within budget. In the Sana web store, account managers can create sub-accounts with a limited budget whose orders need to be authorized if an order exceeds the limit. For more information, see "Shop Account Roles".

Set up the "Authorization reminders" task

To set up the Authorization reminders task, click Edit.

The table below provides the description of the Authorization reminders task settings:

Settings Description
Run on schedule Use this option to enable automatic running of the Authorization reminders task according to the configured schedule, or disable it to allow only manual start of the task.

If you enable Run on schedule, you should enter either the interval in minutes when the task should run automatically or the fixed time.
Run interval (in minutes) Enter the time interval in minutes when the task should run automatically.
Run time Enter the fixed time when the task should run automatically. For the fixed time, the time of the server is used.
Send e-mail to administrator when task has failed

Use this option to enable or disable e-mail notifications when a scheduled task fails.

If the scheduled task has failed, the webstore administrator receives an e-mail with the name of the task that failed, the name of the webstore, which is useful in case you have several webstores, when the task failed, and the error message. Thanks to this, the webstore administrator can quickly respond to problems with data synchronization.

Number of days before reminder is sent Enter the number of days before the reminder will be sent to the authorizers. If authorizers have orders which need to be approved and the orders have been placed more that the number of days specified in this field the authorizers will receive a reminder by e-mail.
Maximum archived log files Enter the maximum number of log files to store. If this number exceeds, the oldest log file will be removed and the new one will be created.