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B2C Features

Select Countries for the Country Dropdown

During the registration process on the 'Create New Account' page, a new B2C customer has to specify the country he lives in. The 'Country' dropdown is also available on other pages.
To specify the countries which will be shown in this dropdown:
  • Open the NAV client.
  • Select 'Administration > Application Setup > General > Countries/Regions'.
  • Select the countries which have to be available for a B2C customer in the 'Show country' column.
  • Select the 'Customer Template Code' for the 'Currency Code' and other predefined settings which will be copied to the new 'Customer Card' when it is created for the first time.
  • Close the window to save your changes.

    Selecting Countries for a B2C Customer 
Both 'Show Country' and 'Customer Template Code' settings have to be defined for the correct work!
ConfigurationB2C Features