InstallationSSL Certificate for NAS Service

SSL Certificate for NAS Service

Configure Server with the NAS service

Import the created '*.pxf' file into the 'Certificates' store:
  • Run mmc: Open the command prompt and run 'mmc.exe'. This will open the 'Microsoft Management Console' (mmc);
  • Add 'Certificates Snap-in' ('File > Add/Remove Snap-in') for 'Local Computer';

    Adding Certificates Snap-In

  • Select 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities'.
    Import the certificate.
    Import the '*.pxf' file.

    Importing the Certificate into the 'Certificates' Store

Assign the certificate to the NAS service URL address:
'Httpcfg.exe set ssl -i <ipAddress>:<Port> -h <Certificate thumbprint without spaces> -g { Key Container Id} -c Root'.

The 'Key Container Id' can be obtained by running from the command prompt:
'Certutil.exe -store "Root" "CN of certificate".
You can find the Thumbprint and the CN of the certificate by using the mmc console in the certificate's properties.

Thumbprint in the Certificate Properties

InstallationSSL Certificate for NAS Service