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Catalog Management

Manage the Description for a Product

You can edit the description, meta description and additional properties of a product in the catalog management of the backoffice. The description and additional properties can be multi-language (depends if the webshop is a multi-language solution). The core product data like title, price and visibility are all managed in NAV.
The description of an item can be retrieved from NAV instead of the catalog manager.  The difference is that the catalog manager in the Sana Commerce backoffice provides an HTML editor for the better text enrichment. The NAV supports only plain text.
By the default the Sana Commerce backoffice main description shall be shown on the frontend.  
Open the 'Products' from the 'Catalog Management' module of the backoffice.  You can search for an item using the filter at the top of the window. Enter a website (only available in case of a multi-site solution), item no. or product title and apply the filter. Use the button to clear the filter.

Products Overview
To edit a product click in the product list on the button.
The field 'Main description' is obligatory to be filled in and it is displayed in the search results as a meta description of a product. 
The 'Edit Product' Window
At the top of this window you see the languages box.  A language in the left box means that a description in this language has been added (in this case 'Nederlands'). 
To add a new description in a different language click the button. The selected language will now move from the right to the left box. Click the button to edit its description.
By default, an editor is opened in the default language of the product (in this case English). The fields 'Item no.' and 'Title' cannot be changed, these are determined in NAV. When the editing is finished, click the 'Save' button at the top of the screen to save the changes you've made.
The available languages in the catalog manager are configured with the setup of the shop.  It is not possible to add languages dynamically.
An image or a document can be attached to the product description using image or document managers.  Please follow the links to learn more about how to add an image or a document.
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