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Manage Themes


Partners can choose whether they want to have a 'configurable theme' or a 'design theme'.
Design Theme 
For whom For partners that have experience with HTML/CSS and who want to have a 'non-standard' design.
How does it work These partners can change the look and feel of their websites via the CSS files and upload images they want to attach to the design via FTP.
Risks Because partners can change whatever they want in the style sheet, they may disorganize the design, which can cause troubles in the performance and look and feel of the website.
Configurable Theme 
For whom For partners that are not experienced with HTML/CSS and who want to have a 'standard' design implementation.
How does it work With backoffice configuration partners have a module added to the backoffice where they can configure their website(s).
Risks The risk level is low because partners can only edit things via configuration options in the backoffice.
The following paragraphs explain the configurable theme options for Sana Commerce - SQL Provider and Sana Commerce - NAV Connector.
The configurable themes administration is for the whole environment, but it is possible to select another theme, home image and logo per multi-site.
User GuideManage Themes