ConfigurationB2C Features

B2C Features

Select a Template Customer

Before a new B2C customer can be registered on the Starter Site, a template customer for B2C functionality has to be specified. This template customer is also used in B2C/B2X scenarios for product import and order export processes.
Location Code which is set in this template is copied to 'Customers Cards' of the new created customers.
When anonymous customers enters the webshop the template customers data is being used.
To set the template customer: 
  • Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client;
  • Open the 'Webshop Card' window;
  • Select the 'General' tab;
  • Click the 'arrow' button and select the customer which will be set as the 'Template Customer';

Selecting a Customer for the Template Customer

  • Close the window to save your changes.
ConfigurationB2C Features