ConfigurationShop Accounts

Shop Accounts

Configure Shop Accounts

  • The authentication used in the frontend of SC is based on the shop accounts defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV;
  • Open the NAV client and select the 'Webshop' menu item on the left;
  • Click the 'Shop Accounts' menu item. The shop account overview window appears: 

    The 'Shop Accounts' Window

  • Shop accounts can be configured directly in the overview page or in the detail page. The detail page can be opened by double clicking a record or by selecting the 'Actions -> Edit' button in the top left of the screen;

    'Shop Account Card'

  • When creating or modifying a shop account make sure to enter a unique Code, a unique e-mail address, a strong password and fill in the fields 'Name', 'Account Type' and 'Account No.'. Also do not forget to check the 'Activated' check box. 
More information about creating shop accounts can be found here.  
ConfigurationShop Accounts