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Import URL Redirects

Sana Commerce 9.1
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Requirements to the CSV File

To import URL redirects into Sana, you should fill in the CSV file with the following data:

Field Description
Alias Enter the alias of a URL redirect.
Link Enter the URL of the internal Sana page or external URL.

The internal Sana URLs should be specified without domain.

The complete external URL with the protocol should be entered.
Example: https://www.sana-commerce.com

In Sana Admin click: Web pages > URL redirects, and check how URL redirects are built in Sana. For more information, see 'URL Redirects'.

IsPermanent Define whether this is a permanent redirect. This parameter defines how a Web browser issues a new request at a different location.

Available values:

  • TRUE - permanent redirect (301 status code). Used to tell the Web client that the location for the requested resource has permanently changed.
  • FALSE - found (302 status code). Used to tell the Web client to issue a new request to the location.

See an example of URL redirects in the CSV file:

Other Add-onsImport URL Redirects