ConfigurationB2C Features in AX

B2C Features in AX

Sana Commerce 8.1
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Select a Template Customer

Before a new B2C customer can be registered on the Starter Site, a template customer for B2C functionality has to be specified. This template customer is also used in B2C/B2X scenarios for product import and order export processes.

More information about a template customer can be found in the 'Create a Template Customer' chapter.

To set the template customer:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Dynamics AX client.

Step 2: Open the webshop form at the following location: Webshop -> Webshops and go to the 'Overview' tab.

Step 3: In the 'Template Customer Code (B2C)' dropdown select the customer which will be set as the template customer:

Selecting a Customer for the Template Customer

The template customer is set now.

ConfigurationB2C Features in AX