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Create a Template Customer

When anonymous customers enter the webshop the template customer's data is being used.

The template customer can be created in AX: Accounts receivable -> Common Forms -> Customer Details.

When you create the template customer you should fill in the mandatory fields 'Customer group' and 'Customer account'.

The default language and currency are copied to the template customer from the 'Company information' form but it can be changed.

Storage dimensions (site and warehouse) can be also set for the template customer on the 'Sales order' tab. If no storage dimensions are set for the template customer, the default storage dimensions are copied to the customer. The default storage dimensions can be set at the following location: Webshop -> Setup -> Parameters.

Other fields are optional.

Addresses and contact information should not be filled in as it is specified during the registration process of a new customer in the webshop.

User GuideAX Specific