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Prospect Order Process

The ordering process during the prospect mode is almost the same as the ordering process during the regular customer mode thought there are some differences:

  • There is no 'My account' link when the sales representative is under the prospect mode, because a prospect is not an independent customer until he is manually transformed to a customer in AX:

    The Top Header During the Prospect Impersonation

  • There is no possibility to save the order as an order template:

    The Bottom Right Corner of the 'Shopping Basket' Page

  • There is no possibility to choose the address on the 'Billing/Shipping' page during the prospect mode. The billing address information is taken from the prospect data. By default the Shipping address fields are pre-filled with the Billing address data, but the sales representative has the possibility to change them:

    The 'Billing/Shipping' Page During the Prospect Impersonation

After the order has been completed successfully, you can continue working with the prospect or you can log out.

You can use the prospect mode only once. When you are no longer utilizing the prospect mode, you will not be able to use this prospect customer mode again nor create orders with this prospect customer.


Each country in the 'Country' dropdown list on the 'Create prospect' page has its own prospect template based on the template customer form in AX. More information about the template customer can be found in the 'Configure the Prospect Functionality' and 'Create a Template Customer' chapters.

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