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AX Specific

Create a New Login Account

Login accounts are created in AX at the following location: Webshop > Shop Accounts. In the 'Shop Accounts' form you can see an overview of all existing shop accounts. Select a shop account and click on the 'Overview' tab to view the details.

The 'Shop Accounts' Overview

In the 'Shop Accounts' form you can create a new account, edit or delete already existing accounts.

The table below provides the description of the fields which must be filled in the shop account form:

Field Description
Code This is the primary key of the shop account. Make sure you enter a unique code or it can be automatically generated when you save the shop account.
E-mail This is the login name on the webshop.
Password This is the login password on the webshop. There are no restrictions for this field. You can enter any preferred character.
Name This is the name which is displayed in the header of the webshop. When not filled in, the name is taken from the Contact or Customer.
Activated This check box is used to activate the shop account.
User GuideAX Specific