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Create a Prospect

When a sales representative logs in and does not have a specific contact name, the sales representative can create a contact name by making a prospect order.

A prospect is a temporary contact that is created by the sales representative. After the creation, this prospect will be automatically assigned to the sales representative. The sales representative can create regular orders in the webshop. The orders can be saved as a sales quotation in AX. The Shop Administrator can make a sales order from a saved quotation in AX. A new customer can also be created in AX based on the prospect.

In order to create a prospect you need to log in as a sales representative:

Step 1: Open the 'My account' page and click on the 'Create a prospect order' link. You will see the following page:

The 'Prospect Details' Page

Step 2: After the confirmation pop-up window has been closed, you will be automatically assigned to the created prospect.

When submitting an order to AX, the business relation with the related contact is created in AX, using the prospect information entered earlier in the process.
A country that is available in the 'Country' dropdown list is specified by the Shop Administrator in AX. For more information please read the 'Configure Prospect Functionality' chapter.

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