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Determine the Language

The language preference from a customer is retrieved and set when a shop account logged in. This is only the case for shop accounts related to contacts and customers (not Sales Representatives).

The language preference of a customer is retrieved from the customer form. Select a customer from the list and click on the 'General' tab. Here you will see the 'Language' dropdown where you can set the default language for this customer:

Customer Language Preference

The language preference of a contact is primary retrieved from the contact form. If it is not available it will be retrieved from the related customer form.

Open the 'Contacts' form, locate the necessary contact and in the 'General' tab of the related contact you will see the 'Language' field where you can set the preferred language:

The 'Contact' Form with the 'Language' Field

A customer can overwrite the default language or his own language preference on the webshop by selecting a different language in the language dropdown.

Sales Representatives do not have their own language. Their language is the one which is selected in the language dropdown in the webshop.

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