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Item Description

The item (product) description can be added both in AX and the backoffice. If the product description is present in the backoffice, it will overwrite the item description from AX. 
The core item data like title, price and visibility are all managed in AX.

More information about how to add product description in the backoffice can be found here.

To add the item description:

Step 1: Choose the item and click on 'Setup -> Presentations' on the right.

Step 2: Click on the 'Edit' button at the bottom of the 'Presentations' form and type the item description in the HTML editor:

Adding the Item Description

The language-specific item description can be added by selecting the language at the top of the 'Presentations' form.

The item title can be specified on the 'Item' form:

Step 1: Choose the item and go to the 'General' tab.

Step 2: Type the item title in the 'Text' field:

Item Title Text Box

To specify a language-specific title:

Step 1: Choose the item and click on 'Setup -> Language - Item description'.

Step 2: Set the language for a language-specific title and type the item title in the text box:

Language-Specific Item Title

If no language-specific description is present in AX then the item description is shown. If there is no language-specific and item description then the item name is shown.
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