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Edit an Order

A sales agent can edit pending orders of a customer when he represents him.

The order can be edited in the webshop, only if it has the status 'Open' in AX:

Order Status Field on the 'Sales Order' Form in AX

There are two ways to edit the order:

  • Open the 'Pending orders' page and search for the order which should be edited. You will see the 'Edit' button in the last column:

    The 'Edit' Button on the 'Pending Orders' Page

  • Open the 'Orders details page' of the order that you are going to edit. You will see the 'Edit' button at the bottom right corner of the page:

    The 'Edit' Button on the 'Pending Orders Details' Page

You can change the quantity of existing products in the shopping basket, delete them or add the new items. Order processing is performed the same way as the regular order process but notice:

  • By default the selected shipping address on the 'Billing/Shipping' page remains the same as in the original order, but you can choose a different address;

  • The information from the 'Reference no.' and 'Comments' fields on the 'Order overview' page is also pre-filled with the data taken from the original order, but it can be changed;

  • A placed order will overwrite the original one, but its number will remain the same.
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