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Product Sets

Product sets are used to define which products should be grouped into the set by specifying the filter expressions. These product sets can be linked to the product landing and product list pages.

More information about how to link the product sets to these pages can be found in the 'Product landing pages' and 'Product list pages' chapters.

The product sets are managed (created, edited or deleted) in the backoffice: Catalog -> Product sets.

You can link the same product set to each language-specific page (share the product set).

To configure the product sets you should set the filter expressions by specifying:

  • Field name(s);
  • Operator;
  • Value.
The optimized fields which depend on multilingual and multicurrency settings are at the top of the list (in bold font).

The field names in the 'Field name' dropdown are retrieved from the index. If some fields are missing in the 'Field name' dropdown you can extend the list by adding them to the index. Go to 'Settings -> Search' and add the necessary fields in the 'Search index fields' section. Click here to read more about search settings.

Product Set Filter Expressions Configuration

When you see the warning message that the index should be updated, move to the 'Scheduled tasks' page and run the index task to update the index.
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