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Sana Commerce search is based on the Lucene search engine. By adding the product fields to the Lucene index you can extend the webshop search functionality.

The configuration of the Sana Commerce enhanced search settings provides the possibility to search products by different keywords: title, item number, color, size, description and others. The phonetic search can be used. Sorting and filtering can be configured to provide the possibility to the customers to sort the products by different values and refine the search request using the facets.

The search settings can be configured in the backoffice: Settings -> Search.

Phonetic search provides the possibility to search text by phonetic representation of the keywords pronunciation. This allows to search products not by the exact spelling of the words but by their pronunciation. It is useful when the customer does not know the exact spelling of the word or misspelt.
For example, if you are not sure how to spell the word 'discount' you can type 'diskaunt', 'dizkaunt', 'discaunt', in the search field, which is close to the pronunciation of the word 'discount'.

In the 'Keyword fields' section you can extend the webshop search by adding the fields to the index on which the customer can do the search.
The table below provides the description of the keywords search settings:

Field Description
Field name This dropdown list presents all the fields the customer can search on.
Lookup table name If a field from the 'Item' table in NAV / AX is related to another table and this field is selected in the 'Field name' dropdown, the name of the lookup table will be shown in this column.
Lookup field name This dropdown list provides all available fields from the lookup table which can be selected for display. If no field from the lookup table is selected a value of the field specified in the 'Field name' column will be shown by default.

Using search index fields you can configure filtering and sorting of the products on the search results and product list pages.

The table below provides the description of the facet and sorting settings:

Field Description
Field name

This dropdown list presents all fields which can be used for sorting and filtering (using facets) of the products.

These fields are also used for the product sets configuration.

Note: Depending on the type of the field sorting and filtering may not be available.

Sortable This option allows to sort products by the selected field names.

This option allows to filter the products (using facets) by the selected field names.

'Facets multiselection' can be also enabled in the 'Search settings' section which provides the possibility to select many facets on the search results and product list pages. For example, you want to filter by few brands.

By enabling or disabling the option 'Show facets with empty values' you can hide or show the facets on the frontend which do not have values. But it is possible to edit Sana texts for the empty-valued facets in the Frontend Editor.

The field names differ depending on your webshop provider. The custom field names are at the head of the list and in bold type.

For all product list pages the default facets are used but they can be redefined for each product list page individually. Go to 'Content -> Product list pages', find the necessary product list page and override the default facets. 

When the search is configured or you change the search settings the index should be rebuilt. In this case you will receive the message that the index should be updated by running the index task.
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