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Shipping Methods

Shipping methods can be managed in the backoffice. The shipping costs are related to the shipping method and therefore the shipping costs can be managed per shipping method.
The costs in the webshop are calculated on the basis of the chosen shipping method and the shipping address country of the customer.
The shipping methods and shipping costs can be configured in the 'Settings -> Shipping methods' option.
The table below describes the properties which can be configured in the 'Shipping methods' option:
Fields Description
Name The name of the shipping method.
Default The selected shipping method in the webshop by default.
Enabled When this property is set the related shipping method will be visible to the customer.
Image The image icon for the shipping method.
Link The external or internal link where some additional information is given.

The following steps should be performed to configure the shipping costs for the shipping method:

Step 1: Choose the country for which the shipping costs should be set.

Step 2: Determine whether the shipping method should be available or not available for the customers in the checkout process.

Step 3: Set 'Min order amount' and 'Max order amount' for the country for which the shipping cost should be applied. For all orders below the minimum order amount and above the maximum order amount the shipping costs will not be applied.

In case, when for the shipping costs list of the specific country the 'Available' property is set:
  • If the country is not in the shipping costs list or it is in the list, but the order cost is out of the order amounts range, the 'Default' shipping cost is taken in this case;
  • If there is no 'Default' shipping cost for this order amounts range then no shipping cost can be applied to this country;
  • If there is no order amounts range for the country and no 'Default' than the shipping method will not be visible to the customer;
  • If only one shipping method is available for the country, than it will not be visible to the customer on the second step of the checkout process. It will be applied automatically.
If the specific country is listed with the 'Not available' property, then the shipping method shouldn't be visible to the customer of that country.

Step 4: Set cost including VAT or cost excluding VAT according to the project customization. Depending on the customer's settings the appropriate cost is retrieved for the shipping cost.

The SQL Provider supports only the B2C scenario.  By default the customers have the property 'Prices including VAT' set to 'true'.  Therefore in the SQL Provider scenario the cost including VAT is retrieved for the shipping method. 

The 'Free' option can be activated in the 'Shipping costs' table.

The activation of the 'Free' option will overrule the configured prices. When it is activated the shipping costs in the webshop will be presented as '0,00'.
There is no need to change shipping costs for the countries when the 'Free' option is temporary enabled for one or more countries.

Setting the 'Shipping Costs' Data for the Shipping Method
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