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Sana Commerce 8.1
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Watch screencast on how to create and change the webshop theme.

Site Container Settings

Header Container

No. Description Default value
3A Background start color #E7E8EA
3B Background end color #E7E8EA
3C Padding background start color #E7E8EA
3D Padding background end color #E7E8EA
3E Full page border bottom width 1px
3F Container border bottom width 0px
3G Full page border color #E2E2DE
3H Container border color transparent
3I Background image none

Breadcrumb Container

No. Description Default color
4A Background color #FFFFFF
4B Padding background color #FFFFFF
4C Full page border bottom width 1
4D  Container border bottom width 0
4E Full page border color #E2E2DE
4F Container border color transparent
15D Current link color subtitle text color
17A Hover link color hyperlink color
15D Link color subtitle text color
15D Text color subtitle text color

Content Container


No. Description Default color
5A Background color #FFFFFF

Sitemap and Newsletter Container


No. Description Default color
6A Background start color #FCFCFC
6B Background end color #FCFCFC
6C Padding background start color #FCFCFC
6D Padding background end color #FCFCFC
6E Full page border top width 1
6F Container border top width 0
6G Full page border color #E2E2DE
6H Container border color transparent
15B Header color header 2 and 3 color
6I Link color #BBBCB5
6J Text color #BBBCB5

Footer Container


No. Description Default color
7A Background color transparent
7B Padding background color #202020
7C Link border color #2F2F2F (dark)
7D Link color #6F6F6F (dark)
7E Text color #FFFFFF
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