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Sana Mobile iPad App

Sana Commerce 8.1
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Sana Mobile Sales Assistant app

Watch screencast about the Sana Mobile Sales Assistant app for Dynamics NAV and AX.

Action Bar

The Action Bar is located at the top of the Sana Mobile iPad App interface:

Online Mode

Online Mode with Sales Agent Logged In

Offline Mode

The Action Bar allows the user to perform the following actions:

Action Description
Go Offline Sets the application to Offline Mode. Once this action is performed, the app can be used when no Internet connection is available. The product catalog and other information required to operate in Offline Mode is downloaded. It is not possible to place an order in Offline Mode, but baskets can be saved and placed as an order once online.
Go Online Sets the application to Online Mode. This re-enables the features that are not available in Offline Mode. This action does not delete the local catalog, which means that Offline Mode is still available after performing this action.
Login Allows the user to log in. The email address and password are stored locally and used when the 'Login Automatically' option is enabled in the Settings of the app. Not available in Offline Mode.
Logout Logs out the current user. This will also disable auto-login until the user logs in again.
Impersonate Impersonates a customer, which allows the user to see a customer-specific information in the app, such as product prices. Not available in Offline Mode.
Basket Allows the user to see, modify and save the basket. The user can also start placing an order from the basket.
User GuideSana Mobile iPad App