Add-ons and ModulesCustom Payment Module: Docdata

Custom Payment Module: Docdata

Sana Commerce 8.2
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Creating the Custom Payment Module

We start by creating a new project/assembly and name it 'Sana.Commerce.Payment.DocData'. Then we will need to create a class that will be the payment module. The only thing needed is this class to inherit from the 'ExternalPaymentModule' base class.
We need to configure the new payment module in the 'web.config' file:
<module name="DocData" type="Sana.Commerce.Payment.DocData.DocDataPaymentModule, Sana.Commerce.Payment.DocData">
We can then link the module to any payment method. It will not work right away, as the external payment method base class is not designed to do so. We will still have to adapt it to the requirements of the PSP. But we have a base to start working with. 
Add-ons and ModulesCustom Payment Module: Docdata