Add-ons and ModulesCustom Payment Module: Docdata

Custom Payment Module: Docdata

Sana Commerce 8.2
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Determining the Correct Payment Statuses

Docdata has the following (common) payment statuses:
  • canceled
  • closed_canceled
  • closed_expired
  • closed_insufficientpaid
  • closed_refunded
  • closed_refunded
  • new
  • closed_success
  • paid
  • pending
  • started
We need to map these statuses to the status used in Sana Commerce. For example 'closed_success' should be converted to 'paid', and so on. Because there are no special exceptions with this payment method we can just create a mapping in table 'PaymentStatusLookup'. In order to make the payment module a little bit more reusable we create SQL script for all mappings so they can be easily be added to any Sana Commerce project.
Add-ons and ModulesCustom Payment Module: Docdata