Developer Workstation Installation

Open 'Developer Workstation Installation' wizard, choose your scenario to see more provider-related information of the installation manual.

Configure the Webshop

The webshop must be created and configured in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Step 1: Go to 'Webshop -> Common -> Webshops'.

Step 2: Create a new webshop and switch to the 'Overview' tab:

Creating and Configuring the Webshop

The fields which should be filled in the 'Webshops' form are given in the table below:

Option Description
Name The name of the webshop.
Filter description The configured filters in the 'Webshop filters' form. More detailed information about webshop filters configuration can be found here.
Template customer code (B2C) A template customer for B2C functionality who has to be specified to register a new B2C customer on the Starter Site.
For more information read this chapter.
Payment method code The code which is used during the on-line order payment.
Shipping cost account The fields in the 'Ledger account' section must be filled in before performing the order export process. The data from these fields is used to create the payment cost and shipping cost sales lines for the imported order.
Payment cost account

Now the webshop is created in Microsoft Dynamics AX.