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Create a Template Customer

When anonymous customers enter the webshop the template customer's data is used, like language, currency, storage dimensions.

The template customer is also used for product import and product stock and price import processes. This customer is specified on the 'Webshop' form. And the template customer is also used for prospect orders.

To create a template customer in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012:

Step 1: Go to: Accounts receivable -> Common -> Customers -> All customers.

Step 2: Create a new customer and fill in the mandatory fields like 'Name' and 'Customer group'.

Customer groups are used to group customers who share key parameters, such as terms of payment, settle period and default sales tax group.

Address and contact information should not be filled in as it is specified during the registration process of a new customer in the webshop.

The default currency and language are copied to the template customer. The default language is set in the company information (Organization administration -> Setup -> Organization -> Legal entities) and the default currency is set in the system parameters (System administration -> Setup -> System parameters). But the currency and language can be redefined for the template customer.

Storage dimensions (site and warehouse) can be also set for the template customer on the 'Sales order defaults' fast tab. If no storage dimensions are set for the template customer, the default storage dimensions will be used, which are set on the 'Parameters' form in the 'Webshop' module.

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