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Related Products Management

Using the 'Related products' form you can define the product relationships. This is used to show related or similar products in the webshop. Before you can define the related products, you must set the product relationship types. To do this:

Step 1: Go to: Product information management -> Setup -> Relationships -> Product relationship types:

Product Relationship Types

Step 2: Create product relationship types. The 'Name' field is used to identify what relationship the product has to other products, for instance an accessory or a similar product.

When the relationship types are created the relationship between products can be set. To define the related products:

Step 1: Go to: Product information management -> Common -> Products -> Released products.

Step 2: Locate the necessary product and on the 'Product' tab click 'Related products':

Related Products Management

Step 3: On the 'Related products' form create new records which identifies the related products by selecting the product numbers.

The table below provides the description of the related items fields:

Field Description
Product number The product number of the related product. Notice, that a product in Microsoft Dynamics AX has an item number and product number. To add a related product you should use a product number, but not an item number.
Product name The name of the product.
Relation type The product relationship type which identifies how products relate to each other.
Sort number The ranking of the related products on the product details page from left to right.
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